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 Keywords: Animal, Bird, Claudia Sousa, Madeira, May 05, Peacock, Peahen, TRAVEL, Widelife
 Pigeon sitting on the railing of one of the bridges in Green Park London 
 Keywords: WILDLIFE, birds
 A new born chicken at Claudia's House 
 Keywords: Claudia Sousa, Madeira, May 05, Nature, TRAVEL, WILDLIFE, birds
 Taken at the Falconry Centre in the Yorkshire Dales.
Tel: 01729 822832 
 Keywords: Animal, Bird, WILDLIFE, Yorkshire Dales, owl
 The Lake District May 2010 Holiday with Martyn Elliston. 
 Keywords: Lake District, Holiday, Martyn Elliston, Heron, Muncaster, Castle, Bird, Wildlife

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